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              • Autumn 2019 Wigmore Series

                Priority booking is now open for September – December 2019.

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              • Summer 2019 Wigmore Series

                Book now for Wigmore Series concerts and Learning events from April to July 2019.

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              • Beethoven Festival Weekend

                14 & 15 September 2019. Public booking is now open for ten special concerts over two days.

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              • Classic FM and Wigmore Hall Under 35s Scheme

                £5 tickets for Under 35s Supported by Classic FM

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              • 2019/20 Season Preview

                Introducing a brand-new season of concerts at Wigmore Hall.

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              Priority Booking

              Access and submit your Priority Booking Request online for Autumn 2019 Wigmore Series concerts.

              Summer 2019 Wigmore Series

              Experience exceptional classical music. Book for May to July 2019.

              Beethoven Festival Weekend

              Booking is now open for 10 concerts over 2 days to kick-off Wigmore Hall's season-long celebration of Beethoven.

              2018/19 Wigmore Series

              Book now for Wigmore Series concerts and Learning events for January - April 2019

              Under 35s Scheme

              £5 tickets for under 35-year-olds to selected concerts at Wigmore Hall.


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              Latest release on Wigmore Hall Live

              The Elias String Quartet presents Volume 6 of Beethoven: The Complete String Quartets. Available as CD, FLAC and MP3.


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